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Have You Tried Vegetarian Sashimi? Here’s the Reason Why

Sashimi, one of the most famous dishes from Japan, might be everyone’s favourite. The soft and tasty texture from raw fish, such as salmon and tuna, is hard to resist. Surprisingly, sashimi doesn’t necessarily need to be made with seafood or meat!

For a vegetarian who has just stopped eating sashimi, we at Ichigo Ichie serve a perfect meal for you. There are several menu that we provides:

  1. Vegan Tuna Sashimi: three pieces of vegan tuna sliced like regular sashimi

  2. Vegan Tuna Nigiri: steamed rice topped with vegan tuna

  3. Vegan Tuna Maki: seaweed on the outside covering rice and vegan tuna as the fillings

  4. Sashimi Vegetarian Salmon: three pieces of vegetarian salmon sliced like regular sashimi

  5. Nigiri Vegetarian Salmon: sushi rice ball with vegetarian salmon

This menu is a brand-new delicious way to capture all of that ocean flavour without an ounce of cruelty. It is also high in fibre, making it a guilt-free meal. Moreover, it resembles real sashimi with raw fish! Just try our vegan tuna that resembles maguro (tuna fish).

Broaden your palate by trying those vegetarian sashimi. Surprise your family or guests by serving this meat-free sashimi. Either you want to avoid animal products, or just curious to try, we are sure that fruits and vegetables make great substitutes for our vegetarian sashimi.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the taste of sashimi without fish or meat at all! Simply visit our outlet at East Coast Road, or you can enjoy the meal at home by ordering online, here:

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