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Is It Better to be a Vegetarian?

Most of us usually eat whatever we like. We must wonder why there’s vegetarianism. Some of us might also think that a vegetarian diet is not nutritious and satisfying enough. Not to mention the limited variety of foods that a vegetarian can eat.

Surprisingly, being vegetarian has plenty of benefits for ourselves:

  1. Vegetables have more vitamins and nutrients than other ingredients. It does not have the gross amount of fat, and definitely less calories than a carnivorous diet. It’s also low in cholesterol. Resulting vegetarians to prevent themselves from coronary heart disease, colon cancers, and many more diseases related to carnivorous diet.

  2. Vegetarianism often leads to weight loss. Ultimately increase an individual’s positive self-image and confidence. No wonder, many celebrities decided to be vegetarians.

  3. Better quality of life. Vegetarianism prevents disease and increases longevity, as well as boosting energy and balancing our hormones. For example, people in Okinawa, Japan have the longest life expectancy in the world because they follow a low-calorie diet consisting of vegetables, fiber-rich fruits, unrefined complex carbohydrates, and soy.

Apart from our body, many vegetarians follow this diet in order to protect the environment. They want to protect innocent animals from being slaughtered, which are subjected to abhorrent conditions before being served on our tables.

Animal agriculture is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. No amount of recycling or carpooling is able to make up for the damage caused by the animal agriculture companies.

All in all, being vegetarian means you follow the healthiest diet on the planet. More nutritions for you, better for the environment, and there are always enough crops to feed every human on earth.

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