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New Japanese Vegetarian Cafe, Ichigo Ichie, Supports Our Healthy Lifestyle

Covid-19 outbreak is still haunting us, as the rising cases of the new Omicron variant. In order to keep ourselves safe, as well as everyone else around, we keep wearing masks and keep a safe distance from one another.

Apart from doing our best to comply with Safe Management Measures (SMMs), we should adopt a healthier lifestyle to prevent the virus from taking over us. Eating healthy food is a better choice for us who are living in this pandemic era.

“More and more people realised that we need to eat healthy foods. We are what we eat, so there’s no excuse not to eat well. That’s why we want to be a healthier choice for all,” said Johnny Ho, Head of Marketing of Ichigo Ichie Cafe.

Ichigo Ichie Cafe, located in East Coast Road, is a brand new co-working cafe in Japanese-theme. However, Ichigo Ichie Cafe is actually a Japanese Vegetarian Cafe as well. Previously they served fusion foods and drinks, but many Japanese vegetarian dishes are also available.

There are various vegetarian dishes that customers can choose: Kinoko Tempura Moriawase, Shiitake Cheese Tempura, Avocado Tempura Nori Shio, Avocado Kyuri Maki, Enoki Tempura, Shimeji Tempura, Shimeji Maki, Sashimi Vegetarian Salmon, Nigiri Vegetarian Salmon, Salmon Maki, and Tempura Yasai Mori. Those dishes have a price range from $4.80 - $11.50.

Bento Sets of the vegetarian menu are also available.

  • Set 1 ($14.50) includes rice, pumpkin croquette, teriyaki spicy mushroom, and vegetarian salmon sashimi.

  • Set 2 ($11.50) includes vegetarian salmon maki, fried tofu, tempura avocado nori shio, and tomato salad.

  • Set 3 ($19.80) includes salmon nigiri, shiitake cheese tempura, tempura avocado nori shio, and fried tofu.

“We hope our customers are relieved as vegetarian dishes are varied here. Let’s preserve our health, not only for ourselves, but also for people around us!” encourage Ho.

All the vegetarian menu is available at Ichigo Ichie cafe at 19 East Coast Road. The place has a comfortable working environment with woody minimalist furniture. Today, they also add healthy foods to keep you company.

Ichigo Ichie

Address: 19 East Coast Road #02-01 Singapore 428746

Entrance located along Ean Kiam PL, Level 2

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday

9am to 9pm

Last order: 8:30pm

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