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What are the Types of Vegetarian?

Vegetarian has become a common term in recent years. More and more people realised this as one of the best ways to eat. We might have a friend who doesn’t eat meat often, and people around her assume she’s a vegetarian. But if we want to dig deeper, there are many types of vegetarian based on their dietary practices.

Here are 7 types of vegetarianism that you should know if you have an interest to be a “vegetarian”:

1. Vegetarian

Vegetarians don’t eat meat at all. However, they still eat eggs and dairy products like milk and cheese. They also consume other products that may be derived from animals, such as honey, gelatin, collagen, and white sugar.

2. Flexitarian

This is a beginner's step to becoming a vegetarian. A flexitarian limits their consumption of animal products and will eat mostly vegetables. However, a flexitarian will occasionally include animal products.

3. Pescatarian

Pescatarians are vegetarians who still eat fish and other seafood. They also may eat eggs and dairy as well.

4. Lacto-ovo vegetarian

This type of vegetarian doesn’t eat poultry, fish, red meat and any animals. But they still eat eggs and dairy products.

5. Lacto-vegetarian

They consume dairy products, but don’t eat eggs.

6. Ovo-vegetarian

“Ovo” is a reference to eggs. Thus, ovo-vegetarians eat eggs, but don’t consume dairy products or other animal products.

7. Vegan

A vegan doesn’t eat any animal products at all. They won’t consume eggs, dairy products, seafood, and all derived products from animals. Usually, they also don’t use animal products in all parts of their lives, such as clothing (leather and wool for example) or cosmetics.

Some vegans even go all the way by becoming raw vegans: they do not eat cooked foods. So they regularly only consume unprocessed plant foods.

Wondering which type of vegetarian that suits you best? You must consider factors like cost, nutritional quality, and sustainability. Find the best diet that aligns with your personal goals and values. Try to experiment with what diet that fits your lifestyle and your values.

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