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Yummy Truffle Mushroom Pasta, A Must-Try at Ichigo Ichie

Ichigo Ichie, a Japanese-themed vegetarian cafe, is happy to launch a new menu: truffle mushroom pasta. This dish served pasta with summer truffle and mixed mushroom. Truffle mushroom tastes best on pasta, and fellow vegetarians can surely enjoy it as well.

Generally known, truffle has such a special taste. Thus, it should be served for a simple recipe to enjoy its flavours. Truffle’s aroma dissipates quicker when heated, so they are generally served raw and shaved over warm foods where their flavour will be highlighted.

Our truffle mushroom pasta highlights truffle as the most valuable ingredient. We brush the summer truffle carefully into the top of our tasty pasta. It is a one-of-a-kind dish that you should not miss!

A pasta combined with truffle mushroom is a healthy choice of menu. It is a vegetarian-friendly menu but still flavourful and delicious! A perfect meal to enjoy without a worry. Plus, our truffle mushroom pasta is affordable! You can finally try truffle mushroom by ordering our truffle mushroom pasta at only $8.25 (SGD). Simply visit our outlet at East Coast Road, or order online, here.

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